MoReVoX And Overloud Release RELIVE, A Live Venues Impulse Response Library

Get the actual sound of 24 live venues that can be used in your productions with this unique collection of impulse responses - RELIVE from Overloud and MoReVoX.  

Ever fancied the sound of specific live venues that you can use in your productions? Like, the actual places - but without travelling there? Well the wait may be over! Overloud has partnered again with MoReVoX to create RELIVE, the first IR library of live concert venues. RELIVE impulses have been captured during a real live tour in 24 beautiful Italian locations.

A collection of 120 IRs and 300 presets RELIVE contains 5 IRs for each one of the 24 locations:

  • Mono at the center of the FOH
  • ORTF at the center of the FOH
  • A/B spaced mics on the side of the FOH
  • ORTF on the back of the FOH
  • A/B spaced mics on the back of the FOH

...for a total of 120 IRs. The stage was equipped with a dBTechnologies VIO L212 PA System and the IRs have been captured at the same volume of the night shows.

Bring a live vibe to studio recordings

RELIVE is a powerful tool to add a “live” sound to tracks or mixes. It gives its best when mixing a live recording, or if you need to put a studio track into a live mix. However it can also be used to add a unique coloration to studio works.

RELIVE is available as a REmatrix expansion library. It can be used with the free REmatrix Player as well. It is currently shipping and available for download from Overloud website:

RELIVE is available at an introductory offer of €49 / $49 until November 18th. The list price will be €79 / $79 from November 19th.

Learn more about reverb FX and mixing:

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