Moog One, Polyphonic Analog Synth, Coming Soon

What could Moog Music possibly create that would be of interest to the synth playing community? How about an 8 and 16 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with tons of features and a price to match?  

If rumors can be believed, the world of synthesizers is receive some big news shortly. And from Moog Music. The prayers of a lot of synth followers has been answered as Moog prepare to announce their new polyphonic analog synthesizer, Moog One.

The Moog One trademark has already been granted, as of August last year.

Interestingly, we reported on Geert Bevin's video at the Audio Developers Conference in December 2017, where he nd another Moog engineer appeared to talk about synthesizer UI design in relation to an upcoming Moog synth. We believe this is the one.

According to Gearslutz the new polyphonic synthesizer from Moog in 8- and 16-voice versions, and will be available mid-August, 8-voice version is $5999, and the 16-voice version is $7999 USD.

According to the retailer via a posting on Gearslutz, here's the full info about the Moog ONE:

It's polyphonic, and comes in 8- and 16-voice versions. (Moog has not only set us up as the earliest dealer with stock (around mid-August), but we'll have an exclusive until they launch with other retailers in September. And they've also promised us a number of low-serial-number units (2-10) on each unit, though this does run an extra $500 (and also gets you a letter from Mike Adams, and a signed photo by the techs who built it). Sounds incredible, and check this out!

• 3 VCOs per voice
• 3 part multitimbral - 3 synths in 1
• Knob per function
• 4 LFOs per synth with easily assignable modulation
• Arp and sequencer (per synth)
• Clock sync
• Assignable CV ins and outs
• Lots of i/o for routing synths and effects
• Eventide reverbs built in
• Unrestricted number of presets

create complex waveforms

• Dedicated envelope for transient shaping

• Stave variable filter AND Moog Ladder Filter
• HP, LP, BP or notch
• link filters together for ganged sweeps
• assign sources to SVF ladder or both in the mixer

• 3 envelopes (amp, filter, and assignable)
• easily assignable mod matrix

Sequencer and Arp

• True bypass effects
• effects per synth and a master effects bus
• 2 assignable macro controls - customizable per patch
• Vocoder
• Easily repeatable mod mattrix routings
• 4 LFOs - 1 button destination routing
• Fine tune and ccreate complex modulation via transforms
• Easy assign performance controllers
• XY pad for expressive control

Not too shabby, eh? Admittedly, I'm always pretty impressed when Moog comes by, but this was probably the biggest shock I've ever had at seeing their products early under an NDA…and the toughest to keep private until we could talk about them! I figured you'd appreciate knowing about it as much as anyone, since you've been involved in MI retail for so long, and have probably seen most things under the sun to date.

Do you remember? The classic Polymoog (available 1975-1980).

Do you remember? The classic Polymoog (available 1975-1980).

Excited? Perhaps if you have a spare $6K then you're going to be very happy indeed. We're waiting on official spec, features and pricing. But this post on Gearslutz does appears somewhat believeable.

Stay tuned to AskAudio for more info as and when we get it on the Moog ONE.

[Via: Gearslutz, Synthtopia]

In the meantime, check out our online video courses on other Moog Music synthesizers:


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