MOLEKULES for Ableton Simpler Is A Collection Of 10 FREE Soundscape Live Racks

Nick from Flintpope has created ten Ableton Racks by sampling a piano played through the cool Molekular Reaktor effects unit from Native Instruments. And it's free.  

Flintpope is at it again. We're not sure why, but he can't resist creating cool Ableton Live racks (and other sound goodies) and offering them for free / donation. And we're not complaining! This time he's sampled Native Instruments' Molekular and made ten Ableton racks from it. Well worth checking out. And being free it's a no-brainer download.

A free (OR MAKE A DONATION) pack of ten passive/aggressive sounds created by playing a piano sample at C3 into Native Instruments MOLEKULAR and recording the results.

MOLEKULAR is a highly versatile modular effects rack that produces movement in the sound - very useful if you need long and evolving pads that can sometimes take you by surprise. Who wants a lush Juno pad all the time anyway? Everyone else but you! MOLEKULAR is also good at creating harsh environments as well as beautiful chasms of gorgeousness. I have tried to reflect this in my choice of treatments in the enclosed pack. By the way, you almost never hear the original piano sample but it lends its own sonic richness to the end-result.

TECH SPEC: each rack is a pair of SIMPLER instances doubling up the sample, but each is modulated slightly differently to each other via the various mapped ADSR, LFO etc. etc. dials.

Each instance of SIMPLER also has individually set effects: Remove (eq), Quarter Note (delay), Ascent (grain delay), Concert Hall (reverb), Acoustic Cascade (chorus) and Upper Ceiling (limiter)

The rack macros control both SIMPLERS together and are mapped to relative levels of each instance, filter c/o and reso, and relative levels of the four main FX of Delay, Grains, Verb and Chorus.



Grab Molekules for Ableton (free) here:

Rather than donate for this you can alternatively support Flintpope for as little as $1 per month if you wish at


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