Modor MiniModor Is The NF-1 Synth But Smaller, Cheaper, With New Added Features

In reducing the size of the NF-1 into the NF-1m, Minimodor, you'd expect there be fewer features and power. However, this little brother to the NF-1 packs all the power and adds some more features!

We were seriously impressed by the Modor Music  NF-1 synthesizer when we saw it at Superbooth 2016 and then when Sara Sims reviewed it our love for it continued. So, we were excited Modor introduced the NF-1m at Superbooth 2017.

So the NF-1m is exactly the same architecture and sound engine as the NF-1. It's the same synth, but much smaller, more compact and portable and it's even cheaper too! 

Here's a short video with a sound demo of the Modor NF-1m from Superbooth 2017:

What's New / Different?

  • New rotary controls with a more stable feeling than the controls on the original NF-1
  • New DAC
  • Midi over USB
  • MPE-support (for Roli, Linnstrument, and similar instruments)
NOTE: the new batch of our main synth, the NF-1, will also feature this new DAC & more stable knobs! MPE was already added in the latest free available OS-update.

NF-1m Specifications


  • 8 voices
  • Poly, Mono and Mono-legato modes


  • 448 patches, 14 banks [A-N] of 32 patches
  • All factory presets overwritable


  • 9V, 600mA adapter connection, positive voltage on center pin
  • MIDI IN/THRU/OUT connections, 3x 5-pin DIN connection
  • Audio Left and Right outputs, 6.35mm mono jack
  • Sustain switch, 6.35mm mono jack
  • Volume/modulation pedal, 6.35mm stereo jack
  • MIDI over USB connector


  • 16x2 green backlit LCD display
MiniModor packs the power of the NF-1 in a more compact package.


  • 8 rotary knobs
  • 8 pushbuttons
  • 1 rotary encoder
  • 1 Power switch/volume knob


  • Full realtime MIDI control of all sound parameters
  • Pitch Bend, Modwheel (CTRL#1), Expression pedal (CTRL#7), Breath Control, Velocity and Aftertouch can be used as modulation sources


  • Width: 248mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Depth: 120mm

The Modor NF-1m has an official price of €579, MSRP. This synth should be shipping very soon indeed. 




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