Modalics releases Beat Scholar

Beat Scholar presents an entirely new way to compose rhythm. Using the concept of "pizzas" and "slices", Beat Scholar makes it easy to create interesting beats and unique rhythmic subdivisions.

Beat Scholar is a fresh take on rhythm composers and drum machines. It presents a new way to compose rhythm, allowing you to manipulate measures and subdivisions with unparalleled ease. Beat Scholar comes equipped with a robust sampler, built in effects, MIDI features, pattern triggering and just about everything you need to explore the world of rhythm with outstanding depth, style and leisure.

Beat Scholar

With its unique "pizzas" and "slices" concept, Beat Scholar offers a unique and intuitive way to explore subdivisions, measures, and time signatures. It lets you divide beats into up to 42 slices and combine multiple drums on the same beat. Quintuplets & Triplets on the same pattern? No problem. Play 35 kicks on a ¼ note? Easy!

Choose from the 250 carefully curated samples, from classic drum machines & acoustic samples to synthesized drums, or import your own samples with an easy drag n' drop interface. You can also use Beat Scholar to output MIDI to any instrument or even to hardware drum machines.

 A New Way to Compose Rhythm

A unique rhythm composition system, developed to make the most deep & interesting grooves accessible in a few clicks.
• Place any drum on any beat, Beat Scholar gives you total freedom to create drum fills, linear grooves and place them anywhere.
• Add bars, change measures and beat values easily.
• Beat Scholar keeps you in musical context, encouraging experimentation and

Everything You Need to Make Outstanding Beats

  • Over 250 carefully curated factory samples, from classic drum machine sounds to hand-made synthesized drums, we have the bases covered.

  • Load your own custom samples with a simple drag n' drop interface.

  • A wide variety of samples for each pad, control the attack, length & pitch to shape them to perfection.

  • Built-In effects - minimum hassle, get your samples nice and stylish just by turning a couple o' knobs.


Brief & Tech Specs

  • Any drum can be placed anywhere! The ultimate percussive-playground.

  • Load your own samples with an easy drag n' drop interface.

  • Built-in FX section to get you started quickly.

  • Easy MIDI file export - drag directly from the plugin's interface to

    your DAW.

  • Use Beat Scholar to output MIDI to any instrument or even to

    hardware drum machines!

  • Standalone, VST3, AU, AAX.

  • Mac / Windows Compatible.

  • Tested Hosts: Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper


More info:

Special Introduction Price: $79 (Regular $99)



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