Modal Releases CRAFTrhythm 8-Track Drum Machine, Sequencer & Sampler

The latest machine from Modal Electronics is a DIY, solder-free, drum and percussion sampler and fits into the CRAFT range nicely. Here's what this portable synth can do.

Following on from the successful CRAFTsynth, Modal Electronics have announced a new addition to this range of affordable, portable and fun synthesizers. CRAFTrhythm is a drum and percussion sampler with a sequencer. Here's the full low down on this solder-free DIY synth:

Friday 8th September 2017, Bristol, United Kingdom, Modal Electronics are proud to announce Modal CRAFTrhythm - the next member of the Modal CRAFT family.

Modal CRAFTrhythm is an 8 track drum & percussion sampler device that features a range of sample sequencing and modification options, all packaged in a DIY, solder-free kit, that takes less than 10 minutes to assemble - and requires no tools.

Each Modal CRAFTrhythm track contains its own mixer section, low pass resonant filter, and pitch & time modes - all of which each have their own envelopes. The built in 16 step sequencer allows for 16 recallable patterns and up to 16 part pattern chaining, with realtime and step input, and provides a powerful groove control for creating unconventional rhythms.

CRAFTrhythm drum and percussion sampler

Modal CRAFTrhythm can store onboard up to 64 x 16-bit mono audio samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and, through the Modal CRAFTapp, users are able to upload their own samples into memory. The factory sound bank that comes installed as standard on the Modal CRAFTrhythm include several drum, percussion and rhythmic sounds and effects created on the CRAFTrhythm’s bigger brothers Modal 001, 002 and 008.

Up to 8 kits, combining chosen samples and parameter settings, can be created and stored on the Modal CRAFTrhythm, allowing for on-the-fly sample and parameter changes - great for live performance.

Modal CRAFTrhythm can be used standalone, and contains a large number of panel controls and LEDs for setting up and displaying parameters, as well as touch pads for playing samples in realtime. The device can also be used in conjunction with the Modal CRAFTApp, to provide easy access to all parameters, as well as sample, kit, and pattern management. CRAFTrhythm can connect to a computer, tablet or phone via class- compliant USB-MIDI, allowing compatibility with external MIDI software and devices.

Modal CRAFTrhythm:

  • 8 track drum/percussion sampler instrument kit with built in 16 step sequencer, requires no soldering, electronics skills or tools.

  • Can store up to 64 x 16-bit mono samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and using CraftApp users can upload their own samples

  • Mixer stage per track with level and pan controls

  • Low pass resonant filter per track with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope

  • Amplitude Attack-Hold-Decay envelope per track

  • Tune control with 3 different pitch modes - SPEED, STRETCH and SHIFT

  • SPEED alters the pitch by playing the sample faster or slower

  • STRETCH selects the number of steps the sample will be stretched to fit into, allowing for tempo matching for looped samples

  • SHIFT activates a pitch shifting algorithm that maintains the original sample length along with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope, which works well with samples containing melodic content

  • 16 recallable patterns with up to 16 part pattern chaining

  • 8 recallable kits that store the per-track parameters for sonic changes on the fly

  • Global tempo and tap tempo with a step division for semi-quavers, quavers and quarter notes

  • Pattern groove control that up to half way increases the swing/shuffle amount and then provides 8 preset grooves that allow for triplets and other non-conventional rhythms

  • Live input mode allows steps to be played in while the sequencer is running

  • Class-compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Headphone and line output

  • Powered by USB Mini B or optional AAA battery pack (Adafruit 727, 3 x AAA pack) CraftApp:

  • All CRAFTrhythm track parameters accessible from a single interface

  • Sequencer grid page for editing sequences

  • Sample management page allows users to upload their own sounds via a drag and drop interface to replace the default samples

  • Many live options available including different pattern loading options and a sample grid to trigger any of the 64 samples at any time

  • Patterns and kits can be stored locally into the banks provided

  • 8 User configurable fills to temporarily replace the current pattern

  • Allows the user to edit the default groove presets



Price and availability to be announced soon.

For more details visit:

STOP PRESS: See the first public appearance of CRAFTrhythm at Modal Electronic’s booth #41 at Knobcon in Chicago, USA, 8-10th September 2017



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