MixVibes Cross DJ 2.0 for iOS Has Arrived

Cross Dj 2 for iPad and iPhone from MixVibes has been redesigned and features a new interface inspired by hardware mixers and a new waveform view, while still focusing on simple workflow.  

Mixvibes ships today a major version of its iPad & iPhone DJ app, bringing in fresh graphics, a redesigned layout and an all-new waveform view. Each and every pixel has been redesigned with simplicity in mind. Cross DJ 2.0 is up for the task - in the true spirit of DJing.

Beautiful new interface.

Cross DJ for iOS new style is graphic and bold:

  • new graphics: geometric shapes and clean textures have replaced gradients
  • 2 main colors, consistent with Mixvibes graphic identity
  • bold elements: bigger EQs, larger pads, full display of artwork on the decks

Cross DJ 2 for iOS Effects and Loops screen

From a performance standpoint, the new interface brings those benefits:

  • faster app runtime
  • takes 2 times less space in your device: app size is 50% smaller
  • scales harmoniously to iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus' screens

Hardware-inspired layout

Cross DJ 2 for iOS Main view on iPhone

Cross DJ for iOS layout has undergone some changes to offer an experience that is closer to what you can get with traditional hardware equipment:

  • mixer is visible all the time (only on iPad)
  • each deck is independent, thanks to swipeable separate tabs
  • pitch bend zone is bigger - and more accurate - than ever

Introducing Waveform view.

Hit the sync meter to access this stunning new view. It allows not only better music visualization, but also greater control with:

  • pitch-bend mode for nudging. Turn it off to scratch the waveform!
  • ultra-accurate pitch sliders
  • beat grid editing made simple: double or halve BPM with 1 button (iPad only)

Bonus: Numark IDJ Live 2 is now supported!

Pricing & availability

Cross DJ for iPad is 8,99€ / $9.99 / £6.99 Cross DJ for iPhone is 2,69€ / $2,99 / £1.99 Update is free for all current users.

Please note that both apps are available at a promotional price for a limited time only: Cross DJ for iPad is 5,49 € / $5.99 / £3.99

Cross DJ for iPhone is 1,79 € / $1.99 / £1.49

Download it on the App Store:

Main features

  • 2 decks, 3-band EQ, crossfader, realistic scratch, large pads & controls
  • Mix SoundCloud: your SC account, in Cross DJ, for free. Fast loading of tracks
  • iTunes integration: sort tracks by BPM, title, artist, album or genre
  • Waveform view: parallel waveforms for pitch-bending + advanced beat-grid editing
  • Full-featured sampler: 8 pads, 12 sample banks + sample recording thru device's mic
  • Record your mix and share it to SoundCloud, Facebook & Twitter
  • Automix: your tracks are mixed automatically, from any source (playlist, album, etc.)
  • Key detection of any track + accurate keylock
  • Quantize mode: hot cues and loops are automatically set on the beat
  • Separate tabs: each deck is independent
  • 14 effects: Hi & Low-Pass, Echo, Phaser, Chopper, Brake, Roll, Delay, Flanger, etc.
  • Plays MP3, AAC, WAV & AIFF
  • Loops (16 to 1/32), slip loop, 12 large hot-cues pads
  • Pitch: keylock, wide pitch range + pitch-bend on waveforms (2, 4, 8%)
  • Autosync, Autogain
  • Split audio: pre-listen tracks in your headphone
  • External mixer: control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth speakers
  • Multi-audio for USB compliant multichannel soundcard
  • Optimized for Retina displays, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus
  • 11 supported controllers (iPad only) : Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro I & II, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo I, Numark Mixtrack Pro I & II, Numark iDJ Live I & II, Hercules DJ Console RMX 2, Hercules DJ Control Instinct, Hercules DJ Control AIR, Vestax Spin2


  • Cross DJ for iPhone: http://appstore.com/crossdjmixyourmusic 
  • Cross DJ for iPad: http://appstore.com/crossdj
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