Mixing Secrets: 3 Videos To Help You Improve Your Mixes

Whatever DAW you use or style of music you work with, there's always something new to know about the art and science of mixing. Here are three videos to get you going.  

Mixing is a subjective process because every track is different, but there are some good general rules as well as some genre-specific guidelines that are always good to know about. We have lots of courses on mixing in your favourite DAW and also mixing specific styles of music. Here are three to get you up and running!

Cubase 8 304: Mixing Live Drums

Mixing live drums is not easy. With all those mics, tracks and bleed it’s hard to get each part of the kit sounding punchy, clean and clear! And once they sound good, then there’s the issue of getting them all sounding together as one solid unit!

This Cubase course, by Eyal Amir, explains the whole drum mixing process from setting basic levels, dealing with phase issues, using filters, EQ compression and more. And every step of the way, Eyal generously shares his production knowledge, while concisely explaining the audio insights behind his awesome-sounding drum tracks. In this short video you'll learn about the fundamentals of mixing snare drums. And of course these skills apply equally to any DAW - not just Cubase!

Watch the full course in the AskAudio Academy here.

Mixing Dance Music Advanced

In many ways, it’s all about the plugins, and nobody knows how to unleash the power of plugin FX than electronic music mixer and mastering engineer Daniel Wyatt. This course, shot live with Danny in the studio, explains how the magical and sometimes unexpectedly creative use of plugins can make all the difference in EDM mixing or any kind of mix that is looking to push the limits of creativity.

In this short video you'll learn about the technique of applying multiband saturation to kick drum parts for a fatter, meatier sound. 

Check out the full course on advanced dance music mixing here

Mixing Pop - EDM

Every genre has its mixing challenges, and in this Studio One course Alex Solano is up to the challenge. He starts out by explaining his mixing philosophy and the concept of subtractive arrangement. Next he shows how to get organized by creating folder and using busses. From there he moves right into the mix. He begins with the drums and slowly adds all the other instruments as he explains how he creates clarity while simultaneously getting all the tracks working together.

In this short video, Alex shows you how to approach the end of the mix process when you need to balance everything together ready for mixdown. You'll see how multiple plugin stages can be used to get the best results. 

Check out this course on mixing Pop EDM for a comprehensive guide to mixing dance music. 

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