Mixing Piano EQ Tips With SSL Duende Native Plug-In

In this video Alex Solano uses the SSL Duende Native's filters to clean up the low end and high end of a piano. Then he explains the different E and G series EQ modes and demonstrates them in action.  

There’s plenty of A/B examples in this very useful video tutorial. Using the EQ in the Solid State Logic Duende Native plugin, Alex Solano provides an insight into sculpting the sound of a piano. He does a great job explaining the demonstrating the effects of the filters and EQ modes and controls. There's two EQ modes, E-series and G-series. The G-series has a wider curve and is ideal for shaping a vocal or EQing a bus. Headphones are highly recommended!

Watch the video here:

Watch the complete course, Solid State Logic 101: SSL Duende Native by Alex Solano.

About the Solid State Logic 101: SSL Duende Native Course

When a company like SSL (Solid State Logic) makes their legendary sound available to anybody with a DAW, we’ve got to pay attention. This amazing Duende Native bundle does exactly that... and we’ve got trainer Alex Solano here giving them all the attention they need! This example-filled course reveals what these plugins do, explains why you would use them and then shows you HOW to use them.

Learn the Classics: Channel Strips, Filters, EQs, Gate/Expanders and Compressor/Limiters

Experience the X-Models: X-Verb, X-Phase, X-EQ, X-Comp, X-ValveComp and X-Saturator

Alex concludes this course with tutorials on the the Special Processors: the Drumstrip and the Vocalstrip. So sit back, put on your earbuds and see how to get that famous SSL sound in this Duende Native course with audio expert Alex Solano.

Watch the complete course, Solid State Logic 101: SSL Duende Native by Alex Solano.

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