Mixing Engineer Jack Joseph Puig Reveals His Favorite Mixing Plugins

In this excellent video interview with Grammy award winning producer, Jack Joseph Puig, we discover his favorite plugins, how he uses them, and more. Bless the man as his voice is clearly broken.  

GRAMMY® Award-winning mixing engineer Jack Joseph Puig (Lady Gaga, Black Eyes Peas, U2) talks about his favorite Waves plugins such as Reel ADT, EMI TG12345, MV2 and Vitamin, and how they have changed the way he makes music. 

Watch Jack talk in detail about how important the easy-to-use MV2 compressor plugin is for bringing out low-level detail in vocals and recordings, and how the unique features of Vitamin turn this multiband harmonic enhancer into the glue that can hold a mix together. 

Now before you click on the video below… we warned… Jack has a real bad sore throat. We’re not talking middle bad… but the poor guy is really struggling with his voice. Once you get past that the advice here on the different production techniques he utilises thanks to Waves Audio plugins is great.

Now, which Waves plug-ins would you use to help correct Jack's vocal challenges?

Web: http://www.waves.com/tag/jack-joseph-puig

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