Mixing Drums For Dance Music? Make Sure You Consider This...

Pay attention to your drum mix, and your track will surely benefit. In this short video, Multiplier breaks down how to address different kinds of drum sound when mixing.  

Mixing drums for EDM is a whole art form in itself and in this short video from the course Dance Music Sound Design 304: Drums Advanced, Multiplier explains the various considerations you will need to take into account when performing this task. He starts by breaking down drums by type: kick, snare and so on, and then addressing how you should approach mixing each of these as part of the whole kit.  

It's not always a case of making everything louder - far from it in fact. Multiplier explains how sometimes, less can be more. He also demonstrates the use of slight reverb to add depth and space to individual drum elements. FInally you'll see how kick length can be tweaked to alter the shape and sound of a drumbeat. Check out the rest of the videos for many more advanced tips and techniques on mixing drums for dance music. 

Watch the full course Dance Music Sound Design 304: Drums Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here.

Dance Music Sound Design 304: Drums Advanced

No drum sound is perfect for every situation. That’s why Adam, AKA Multiplier, starts the course by looking at the purpose of drums in different mixing and mastering contexts. Using various plugins, such as FM8, PunchBox and Serum, Adam demonstrates how to create a kick body and how to give it personality with layers, effects, and samples.

He then goes over the theory and practice of true peak limiting, and he explains how EQing your drums can drastically change their dynamics. Continuing with the course, you also learn many more tips to get cutting-edge drum sounds... a creative way to use plugin glitches to your advantage, how to create interesting 808 kicks with Serum, an easy technique to create perfect stereo claps, and a lot more!

So join Adam Pollard in this 22-tutorial advanced course, and get ready to stimulate your brain with advanced drum sound design knowledge!

Watch the full course Dance Music Sound Design 304: Drums Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here.

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