Mister-M Is Not A Synth, Sampler Or Rompler, It's A Powerful, Versatile 14-Voice Wave Player

The latest new machine from Hansy Synth, the maker of Hansy1010, has come up with a wave player in hardware format that looks powerful and fun to play.

From the maker of the Hansy1010 comes Mister -M- a rather cool piece of hardware that is a wave player, with some good features and the option for you to add your own wave sounds.

Here's what the maker, Giles Lacaud, has told us about Mister -M-:

Mister -M- is a very powerful wave player with a lot of fine sounds. From some old tape machine, string machine, Electric Piano and Harpischords. Mister -M- include also some Drum loop and soundscape sound. Of course you can insert your own wave sound and map them on your keyboard.

Mister -M- Features

  • 14 Voice Polyphony
  • 2 Layers
  • Split or Dual Mode
  • 100 Setup
  • More than 80 stereo sounds 44.1KHertz/16Bits
  • Loop sample On/Off
  • Background sound generator
  • Click and Pop generator
  • Half speed
  • Sound Balance
  • Vibrato and Tremolo
  • Attack and Release for the two layer
  • Velocity Amount for the two layers
  • Mood wheel and aftertouch routing
  • Pitch bend
  • Midi IN and OUT (soft Thru)
  • Midi Dump In and Out
  • 3 Sound bank include
  • 320*240 2,4" Touchscreen
  • 4 Encoders with push button
  • External Power supply
  • SD Card include 
  • Switch On/Off
  • Size 240-102-45 mm
  • Weight 750g

Pricing wise the Mister -M- is offered in a variety of stages of completion for DIY and non-DIY enthusiasts. You can grab the PCB Kit without any components for €40! The PCB Model mount is available for €180 and Mister -M- fully built is just €260. International shipping costs are listed on the website and availability is from 1 month for the PCB only through to 1-2 months for a fully built Mister -M-.

Price: from €40 to €260 EUR

Web: https://salmacis.wixsite.com/hansysynth/blue-gadgets

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The name is “Gilles Lacaud” (in French, there are two l’s in “Gilles”). https://www.youtube.com/user/gilleslacaud/

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