MiniMo €25 Mini Synth Modules Can Now Be MIDI Sequencers

The MIniMo low-cost modular synthesizer system just got a new kit that can transform any module into a MIDI Out sequencer! It's affordable, useful and easy to use.  

In May 2017 we discovered the MiniMo modular synthesizer system that is designed to give you the essence of modular synthesis without breaking your bank account. In fact it's accessible for almost everyone.

Now it's possible to transform any module into a MIDI sequencer. Using the super affordable MIDI Out Accessory Set (€14.95) you can turn a miniMO module into a standalone, MIDI-out capable device:

  • A female MIDI adapter to connect miniMO to any device with a MIDI Input
  • A three-pronged jumper to power both miniMO and the MIDI adapter from the internal battery
  • A custom 3D-printed enclosure with flexible outer cover
  • Two laminated faceplates: one generic, one with custom markings for the sequencer (shown in the picture)
  • A Davies-1900h clone knob with brass insert and set screw

The set has been specifically designed to complement the new MIDI sequencer program, making miniMO possibly(*) the smallest MIDI sequencer available on the market; it also opens the door to a new set of MIDI-oriented programs, further expanding on the capabilities of the system.

Plus it looks like MiniMo MIDI Out Accesory Kit qualifies for free shipping too!


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