MIDI Guitar Controllers

Using guitars as MIDI controllers is not a new concept or a passing fad. Toby Pitman explores the history of MIDI Guitar controllers from the early 80s to the crop and those yet to hit the market.  

The concept of using the '

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Rishabh Rajan
when you say the yourock guitar can only play one note per string, how is that a limitation? Don't all guitars have the one note per string limitation?
Are you referring to tapping or hammer-on/pull-offs? These are both possible with the yourock guitar.
As far as I know you can't have two notes playing simultaneously on one string unlike the Ztars.

Thus you can't hold down a chord with the left hand and play (tap) a melody over the top without loosing the chord notes.

This would allow for real piano type chord voicings otherwise impossible to play on a guitar.

Please correct me if this isn't the case.

Peter Schwartz
Toby, loved reading your article! Saw Pat Methany many years ago playing the Synclavier guitar in concert but sadly he mainly used it to trigger sampled animal noises on that gig. :-(

Interesting that the Ztar lets you play multiple notes on one string. Is that a feature than you can turn on and off on that unit?


several years ago i tried using a godin synth guitar with a gr-33, to control software instruments in logic. it was alright but I couldn't get rid of the latency.
Seemed like learning piano would be a quicker solution than learning how to control that setup. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

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