MIDI And Audio Signal Flow In Logic Pro X - The Essentials Explained

Learn how MIDI starts from your controller and ends up as sounds you can hear. This short video explains everything you need to know about MIDI and audio signal flow in Logic.  

MIDI - it's one of the most useful tools a producer could hope for. An endlessly flexible protocol that can let you make almost any kind of sound or pattern. Logic Pro X has some of the best MIDI tools in the business, but where should you begin? In this short video from the course Logic Pro X 103: Recording And Editing MIDI, expert producer Joshua Carney guides you through MIDI and audio signal flow - how is it generated and routed, and how can you use it to your advantage?

Logic Pro X 103: Recording And Editing MIDI

Getting to the heart of what MIDI is all about, Joshua explains how MIDI is simply a language and does not contain any audio data. As such it can be used to trigger any software or hardware instrument you like. Before it's connected to a destination it makes no sound at all. 

Joshua explains how your MIDI controller sends information into Logic, and from there passes to the MIDI FX section for possible transformation. Then it gets to the soft synth or instrument where it gets converted into audio signal. Then audio insert effects, and the various sections of the audio mixer before heading to your speakers for you to hear. Understanding how MIDI is used and eventually turned into audio is just one of the things you will learn from this course - be sure to check out the whole course for a complete guide to recording and editing MIDI in Logic Pro X!

Watch the full course Logic Pro X 103: Recording And Editing MIDI in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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