Midas To Launch The World's First AI And Cloud Based Mixing Console Platform

Could this advanced, AI-assisted mix console be the future of recording and mixing? The folks at Midas certainly hope so...  

The Heritage-D from Midas is a 24-channel AI system that offers artificial intelligence-assisted choices of EQ and dynamics should you require them and also features built-in wireless connectivity and cloud access as well as a host of other advanced features. Could this be the future of mixing? Check out the quick demo video below and decide for yourself.

Here's what Uli Behringer said about it on FaceBook.

"We’re very proud for our sister brand Midas to launch the world’s first AI and Cloud based mixing console platform. After 5 years of putting their heart and soul into this development, our 100 brilliant Midas engineers have now delivered a revolutionary technology that will fundamentally change the way music is mixed.
Midas Heritage-D."

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