Mid / Side Processing In Logic Demystified In This Short Video

If you've ever wondered what exactly M/S processing in Logic Pro is and what it does, this video and course will answer all your questions!  

Mid / Side or M/S processing is an important technique to understand because it gives you more flexibility when it comes to controlling and shaping your mixes. In this short video from the course Logic Pro FastTrack 303: M/S Processing In Logic Pro, mixing expert Joe Albano explains how it works, focusing on the technique of widening your M/S field to increase stereo width in the soundstage. 

You'll go on to see a practical example of how altering the M/S balance can give either subtly or dramatically different character to the way a mix comes across, including things to watch out for such as compensating for the possibility that the track might be heard in mono. Check out the other videos in the course to learn even more M/S techniques in Logic Pro. 

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 303: M/S Processing In Logic Pro in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Logic Pro FastTrack 303: M/S Processing In Logic Pro

Mid/Side processing is an extremely useful tool, but it can be difficult to understand. But fear not! Our in-house audio expert and Logic trainer Joe Albano is here to show you, in very simple terms, every aspect of this powerful mixing and mastering technique.

Joe starts by covering the history, background and technical basics of M/S processing and recording. You learn the fundamentals of stereo: how panning works, different stereo miking techniques, etc. Then, you dive into Logic's new Dual Mode and M/S options. You see exactly how M/S encoding works, and how you can use it to tweak the stereo image of your audio mixes. You discover how to improve the stereo width of your tracks by EQing and compressing the Mid and Side channels independently. Joe then gives you examples of Mid/Side processing on drums, instruments, vocals, and on a full stereo mix. You even learn how Mid/Side is used for mastering vinyls.

So sit back and join engineer Joe Albano in this must-watch Logic FastTrack™ course, and see (and hear!) what Mid/Side processing can do for your mixes...

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 303: M/S Processing In Logic Pro in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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