Mesmerising Performance By Finger Drumming Maestro, Jeremy Ellis, on Maschine

Watch Jeremy Ellis perform on a Maschine Studio and Maschine Mikro simultaneously with finger drumming skills that'll leave you in awe.  

Jeremy Ellis, if you didn't already know of him, is one of the fastest, grooviest, most nimble of finger drummers on the planet. In short, his performances often leave many open mouthed in awe. This performance on a Native Instruments Maschine Studio and Maschine Mikro had the same effect on yours truly. Just awesome.

Watch the video from SonudYouNeed here:

It's not just the speed and accuracy that's impressive. The thing about Jeremy is whatever he performs always sounds good too. It's always about the music, not just showing how fast he can be.

If you're impressed and want to learn tips from Jeremy Ellis just how to finger drum your way to greatness, then check out his full video courses in The AskAudio Academy using Maschine to teach finger drumming fundamentals.

You never know. With a little practice you might be jousting with Jeremy and other finger drumming greats in the future.

Watch Maschine Virtuosity with Jeremy Ellis here.


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