MelodicFlow, MIDI Plug-in Stops You Playing Notes In Wrong Scale, Updated With 300 New Scales

It's a simple concept but a powerful one for those who haven't learned a large range of scales. MelodicFlow does all the music theory heavy lifting for you and version 1.1 adds more scales.  

In June 2016 we stumbled across this rather cool MIDI plug-in called MelodicFlow that never lets you play 'bad' notes (yup, you'll never stray out of the scale again - if you don't want to). Music theory purists and players look away now!

Hauke, the man behind MelodicFlow has informed us they've added over 300 new scales to this innovative plug-in in their latest 1.1 update. Here's the skinny direct from them:

FeelYourSound has updated MelodicFlow to version 1.1.0. The MIDI performance and songwriting VSTi is available for Windows and macOS.

With MelodicFlow it's possible to create and play basslines, hooks, and melodies quickly. The melodies will never sound off, as all the input is mapped to the right notes instantly.

The concept is simple:

  • Connect MelodicFlow to another instrument inside your DAW.
  • Send chord notes to MelodicFlow on the lower octaves. This way the plug-in knows which harmonies are important for your song. 
  • Pick one of the seven harmonization modes and choose a scale.
  • Now play on the white keys of the higher octaves. Depending on the operation mode MelodicFlow will automatically convert these keys to harmonic notes that fit to your chords and the chosen scale.

There are also special black keys that are useful for different songwriting tasks. The C#6 for example will play all the notes of the current chord at once. A comprehensive manual is available as well.

New in 1.1.0:

  • Seven new harmonization modes for various songwriting tasks.
  • Over 300 scales added.

Watch the new features in action here: 


Price: 35 EUR / $39. The update is free as usual for all customers.

Download the demo at:

Fancy learning som music theory anyway? Check out these video courses in the AskAudio Academy.


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