Meeting The GhostBusters At Superbooth 2017

There were so many booths at Superbooth 2017 in Berlin it was a refreshing change to meet Vladimir of carrying his booth in a bag with some pretty eurorack modules on show.  

It's not everyday you meet a real, bonafide Ghost Buster at a trade show. And, if we're honest, we didn't meet one at Superbooth 2017 either. (There's always next year?)

However, inside the Space Lab inhabited by Arturia, the small and super mobile booth that is met us. Vladimir Pantelic is and he kindly listened to my bad jokes about Ghost Busters, etc before explaining and showing us the eurorack modules he makes. Some of these are prototypes...

The modules include the following:

Euclidean Circles

3/6 channel 16 step Euclidean rhythm generator with an unique pattern visualization in 3U, 10hp Eurorack format. Outputs 1-3 are the “on-beat” triggers and 4-6 are the “off-beat” trigger signals, all 5V. Triggers 4-6 can also be used as a second set of 3 channels so 6 independent rhythm channels are available in total.


OUT NOW: 6hp 2-channel Eurorack oscilloscope, frequency meter and tuner. Single, dual and X-Y modes. timebase: 10us – 10s per division, voltage range: 0.5V – 5V per division.

And there's so many more.

If you were intriuged by the booth in a bag approach of Vladimir, check out The modules really are pretty and useful!


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