Meet The Korg Volca FM In This Quick Introductory Video Showcasing Sounds And Features

Korg's volca FM is a cool hardware synth that packs the synth engine of a real DX7 into a much smaller box. G.W Childs shows you what this means for your music making.  

Korg's volca hardware units have brought all the fun and charm of the 1980s back to the present day, in considerably more portable and affordable packages. volca FM is one of the more advanced models, an FM synthesizer that specialises in retro bleeps and tones. In this short 2 minute video, synth expert G.W Childs gives you an introductory tour to the interface and showcases some of the sounds you can make really quickly. 

volca FM actually uses a synthesis engine that's identical to the legendary Yamaha DX7, and you can even import real DX7 patches from the original synth. It also has a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator so it's great not just for programming but also for jamming and playing live. Check out the other videos in the course for an in-depth look at how to make great music with these cool hardware synths.

Watch the full course volca 106: volca fm Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

volca 106: volca fm Explored

FM synthesis always had a reputation of being very difficult to learn, but fear not… our volca expert, G.W. Childs, will show you how easy (and fun!) it is to create music with volca FM.

G.W. starts this course with a tour of volca FM’s interface. You learn all the basics: how to power it, how to hook it up with your equipment, and how to use the gold and black keys to play sounds and access additional functions. Next, he explains how to load presets, how to start building your own patterns, and how simple it is to create dynamic sequences with pattern chain mode.

From there, GW dives deep into FM synthesis. With its carriers, modulators, and various algorithms, you’ll see (and hear) that FM synthesis can produce sounds not possible with other synthesis methods. After saving your own patches, you’ll be ready to go crazy with the effects and arpeggiator. The course concludes by explaining how to use your volca FM with other members of the volca family, how sync works, and how to integrate volca FM with your DAW.

So join G.W. Childs, bring out your little FM synth box… and get ready to party like it’s 1983!

Watch the full course volca 106: volca fm Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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