Meet The Innovative Modular Synth & Sequencer Called Alex From DASZ

This is one of our favorite finds at Musikmesse 2016. Alex from DASZ is an expandable synthesizer and sequencer with an engaging interface and performance features. Watch our 10 minute video for more.  

With modular synthesis being all the rage right now, it feels natural to come across a unique system like Alex from DASZ thats been in the works for over 3 years. We first came across this at Musikmesse and interviewed the creator, also called DASZ, who took us through the features and provided us with an excellent sound demo using the latest pre-production model.

In essence, Alex is a multitrack synthesizer and sequencer composed of modules. Each module includes 4 tracks – each track contains synthesizer/instrument, effects, looper and sequencer. The are three sizes of modules and at present we don't know what these will retail for or exactly when they will be available.

There are also plenty of features in the works from the DASZ team which were not on show at Musikmesse. However, before the video was shot above I began playing with it and was surprised at how intuitive it was to use. Really, and within seconds I was able to figure out the basics which would certainly make this an interesting expandable performance synth/sequencer.



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