Meet The Guitar pedal Rack Inspired By Modular Synthesizers

A modular guitar FX pedal rack that can be controlled via MIDI? Powered by an Arduino? Useful if you make DIY guitar pedals? An excellent way to clear up that tangled mess of cables? Yes to all.  

It’s not everyday you see the words “modular”, “guitar” and “pedal” in the same sentence. But today is the day. We’ve been pretty impressed by the Modular Guitar Pedal Rack with MIDI Switching created using an Arduino, DIY guitar pedals and a cool idea.

The maker of this marvellous modular guitar pedal setup “grew tired” of finishing enclosures and the mass of patch cables when making his own DIY guitar pedals. So, inspired by modular synthesizers, he set about creating a modular guitar pedal monster that would “route the audio to the patch bay” instead.

The Modular Guitar Pedal Rack
DIY guitar pedal that lives in the Modular Guitar Pedal Rack.

Each pedal in his setup has its own MIDI channel and a CC Toggle message with a unique address that will switch them.

The rack itself is wooden and uses 16U rails with 3U Eurorack brackets. Did you get excited by the black pedal in the picture? It’s a Line 6 Helix. The creator uses it to control, save and switch between the different guitar pedals enclosed in the rack. The Helix isn’t cheap and will set you back a cool $1,500. However, you could just as easily use a cheap MIDI controller or even build your own.

The Modular Guitar Pedal Rack connected to the Line6 Helix.

Looks like the world of modular isn’t confined to synthesists at all. Now guitar players can join the party with some crunching [insert your preferred FX here] tones while tidying up their cable health hazard in the process. 

Find out more about how the Modular Guitar Pedal FX Rack was made in the original post on imgur here.

[Via: Hackaday



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