Meet Megaverb, Powerful 80s Reverb Emulation from Goodhertz

Goodhertz tells us Megaverb is 'the most powerful 80s reverb emulation the world has ever heard' and sounds like a gated snare, an infinite bloom, and a synth dissolving in a noisy digital cloud.  

Goodhertz is proud to present our first new plugin in over two years: Megaverb!

What is Megaverb? It’s an incredibly good bad reverb, inspired, on the one hand, by early digital reverb units of the 1980s, and, on the other, by the classic gated reverb sound that producers loved for a brief shining moment in the second half of that decade.

Megaverb Features

🌴 Four different reverb modes, each with their own character:
    •    A – Quick, resonant (ex. Phil Collins - Sussudio)
    •    B – Weird, nonlinear (ex. David Bowie - Let’s Dance)
    •    C – Smooth, big (ex. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody)
    •    D – Even bigger (ex. Aphex Twin - Polynomial C)
🌴 Extensive reverb controls for Decay, Predelay, Damping, & Filtering
🌴 Stereo controls for Bass/Treble Stereo Width, Crosstalk, & Bias
🌴 Lofi processing with separate Analog/Digital controls

🌴 Advanced Gating & Ducking algorithms:
    •    Three different detection modes: Transient, Classic, Dynamic
    •    Selectable Gate Targets
    •    Sidechaining & Beat Syncing

Price: $95 USD


Learn the ins and outs of reverb (and delay):

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