Mastering In Pro Tools - Your Processing Options Explained

Will Pro Tools' own bundled plugs serve your mastering needs, or should you look further afield? Joe Albano is here to explain your options and which way you might want to go.  

Mastering is an essential skill for any producer to have and now thanks to the developments in computer power and software, it's a process that's open to almost anyone! Pro Tools is one of the world's favourite Digital Audio Workstations and in this short video from the course Pro Tools 105: Mastering Essentials, expert engineer and producer Joe Albano is here to explain your options when it comes to mastering, both in terms of the plugs that come bundled with Pro Tools, and third party specialised additions you may want to consider.

Pro Tools 105: Mastering Essentials

Joe begins by detailing the three types of processors most commonly used in mastering - EQ, compression and limiting. Pro Tools comes with these, but you also have the option of buying the Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle to get an even wider selection of processors that will greatly expand your sonic toolkit with dedicated mastering units among many other things including brickwal limiters and multiband compressors as well as advanced metering tools.

There are many third party options available too that Joe touches on here, including iZotope's Ozone and Insight suites, dedicated M/S processors and more, which you may want to investigate if you find Pro Tools' own selection doesn't quite get you to where you need to be. But for many people, the DAW's own set of EQ, compressor and limiter plugs is more than up to the job of helping you to make great sounding masters. For much more on how to master in Pro Tools and make your tracks really shine, be sure to check out the full course using the links below.

Watch the course Pro Tools 105: Mastering Essentials in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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