Mastering In FL Studio: Understanding Stereo Widening Techniques

How wide should you go, and how can you ensure mono compatibility? All is revealed in this quick guide to mastering in FL Studio.  

Mastering is the final part of the production process and it's one that's vital to get right. You might know about limiting and EQ during mastering, but did you know that stereo widening can be an important step as well? In this video from the course FL Studio 105: Mastering Essentials, Rishabh Rajan explains why, and shows you how to use widening to make a track sound bigger and better.

FL Studio 105: Mastering Essentials

There's more to stereo widening than just increasing width, as Rishabh shows you. You need to consider the width of the stereo field on headphones and speakers, but also mono compatibility - ensuring that lead instruments and kick drums for example are centered so they don't disappear if the track is played back on a mono speaker. As such, you'll probably want to avoid applying FL Studio's widening tools to a whole mix, and you'll see and hear how to creatively use widening on specific groups of sounds to get the perfect results. Check out the full course for a complete guide to mastering your music in FL Studio.

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