Master The Secrets Of Fading In A Scratch DJ Performance

Understanding faders is a vital part of becoming a great scratch performer. Sara Simms gives you a practical demo of how powerful a mix fader can be in this short video tutorial.  

Using the faders to control levels on your mixer is a key part of being a great scratch DJ, giving you an extra degree of control over your performance. In this three minute video from the Skratching Essentials course by experienced DJ Sara Simms, you’ll get a multi-camera, hands-on practical demonstration of how to set up and use faders to achieve the kinds of cool performance tricks you see DJs doing.    

Sara talks through how to fade different kinds of scratches like baby scratch, forward tears and backwards drags, and then goes on to use her mixer’s effects section to add delay and echo to the performance while fading scratches out. Check out the video to see how DJs make the sounds they do – it will inspire you to try it for yourself!

Watch the complete DJ scratching course here

Skratching Essentials

This turntablism course, created by DJ, performance artist and educator Sara Simms, is designed to get you started in the world of skratching. Sara and featured artist deejay stutter take you step-by-step through the equipment, setup and foundational skratching techniques that every turntablist has to know!

First, you learn all about the basics of setting up your turntables and equipment. From there, Sara and deejay stutter show and explain various basic and intermediate skratching techniques including:

  • Baby Skratch
  • Forwards (Cutting)
  • Tears
  • Transformer
  • Chirps
  • Fades
  • One Click Flares

Finally, they dive into the skratch building blocks where you learn to put it all together and build the foundation of your performance. So watch and learn the basics of the art of turntablism in this 18-tutorial course!

Watch the complete DJ scratching course here


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