Master The Art Of Programming Drum Fills In Ableton Live

Drum fills are an essential component of modern electronic music. In this short video, DJ Kiva shows you how to program them quickly in Ableton Live to create cool sounding variations.  

Drum programming is one of the most important skills a producer can possess, and has many different aspects. Something that can get overlooked is the need to program drum fills - pattern variations that keep the drums interesting and are great tools for arrangement and song construction. In this 3-minute video from the course Ableton Live FastTrack 303: The Art Of Drum Programming, DJ Kiva shows you how drum fills work in Ableton Live. 

You'll see how to perform essential MIDI operations to create drum patterns and which shortcuts and tools to use to quickly and easily create variations to your beats. By the end you'll have a better understanding of how to work with drum fills, and you can check out the other videos in this course to become a drum programming master!

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 303: The Art Of Drum Programming in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Ableton Live FastTrack 303: The Art Of Drum Programming

For most styles of music, drums are the foundation upon which all other instruments rest. For this reason, having excellent drum programming chops is an essential skill to have for every producers. Watching this course by the amazing DJ Kiva will give you the knowledge and the inspiration you need to create your own unique drum patterns.

Kiva starts by explaining how to create a basic drum pattern in Ableton Live. You learn how to load kits, how to draw beats with the mouse and how to spice them up with drum fills. Next, it’s time for some finger drumming fun. There’s no better way to get your beat ideas down than to play them by hand, and Kiva shows you plenty of useful tips to help you record great sounding beats, every time! You will also learn important techniques for programming dynamic and exciting drum parts, how to add percussion, sound effects, and a lot more!

If you’re looking to learn how to program drums, or if you want to improve your drum programming skills, look no further! Watch this course by producer and multi-instrumentalist DJ Kiva, and propel your beats to the next level.

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 303: The Art Of Drum Programming in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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