Master MixConsole's New Focus Zones To Streamline Workflow In Cubase 9

Anything that makes your work faster has to be a good thing. Matt Hepworth explains Focus Zones in Cubase 9 and how MixConsole just got a whole lot faster.  

Cubase 9 includes a raft of cool new features to help your workflow and improve your musical life! In this three-minute video from the full course “What’s New In Cubase 9”, Cubase expert Matt Hepworth delves into the new ways in which you can use MixConsole. Steinberg has made it possible to use multiple Focus Zones in the MixConsole to enable you to work on several aspects of a mix at the same time.   

Matt demonstrates how to show and hide these various sections depending on what you’re trying to achieve, and how you can use the Tab key on your keyboard to quickly shift focus between zones without having to click on them with the mouse. Getting to grips with the Focus Zones is essential to speeding up your workflow in Cubase 9 and you can check out the other videos in the course to learn about more new features in this update!

Watch all the video in our Cubase 9: What's New in the AskAudio Academy. 

What’s New In Cubase 9

The Steinberg team has been extremely busy improving and evolving their Cubase line of products! Cubase 9 is now one of the most feature-packed DAWs ever created. In this exclusive 27-tutorial “What’s New” course, Steinberg master trainer Matt Hepworth explains and explores all the major new features in this ever-evolving program. 

So sit back and get ready to see all the cool new stuff that Cubase 9 has to offer. And stay tuned because there are lots more Cubase 9 courses in production!

Watch all the video in our Cubase 9: What's New in the AskAudio Academy. 


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