Maschine 2.4.5 Now Available For Download, Here's What's New

Maschine users plugged in to the NI forums may be aware that version 2.4.5 has been in the works, and may even know some of the new features. Now it's been released you can get hands on!  

There's some interesting new features added to Maschine 2.4.5. One of the stand-out ones for me is the ability to slice samples in real time directly on the pads.

Curious to see that “Pattern Grid” has been renamed to “Arrange Grid”. Makes me wonder if every update is moving Maschine closer to being its own DAW... Don't tell me you haven't thought the same? ;)

Anyway, here's the official list of new features and fixes courtsey of Keir, NI Support Manager.

What's New in 2.4.5

  • The length of Scenes can now be set manually independent of the lengths of Patterns in the Scene.
  • Added a Loop control to the Transport to enable and disable Loop playback.
  • In the Slicer, “Manual” mode has been extended to allow slicing a sample in real time via the MASCHINE Pads.
  • There is now an option available on all MASCHINE hardware controllers for deleting all slices.
  • It is now possible to export audio in AIFF format using an additional option in the "options" tab.
  • Added an option to split the audio export by Scenes.
  • Added option to let the user export the whole song range automatically.
  • Added a field the user can use to specify a custom name for export items.
  • You can now browse using only KOMPLETE KONTROL S hardware via Preferences > Hardware > Navigate > Browse Mode
  • You can now browse by Product Group (Category / Vendor) via MASCHINE STUDIO and in the Software Browser.
  • It is now possible to save the current state of an internal plug-in as its default state.
  • It is now possible to modify the Audio & MIDI settings from MASCHINE's Preferences.
  • It is no longer possible to have a project without any Groups; attempting to delete the last remaining Group in a project will simply reset the Group to default.
  • Improved audio playback of Slices by removing clicking at the end of Slices.
  • The Eraser tool now deletes a divider between Slices rather than merging 2 Slices.
  • The Slice Edit views don't show the Playhead anymore when playback source is the sequencer.
  • In the Slicer, "Manual" mode is now the default mode.
  • The "Slice" Button was renamed "Split" (as it splits in 2) and turns into "Slice" when a Slice is played back.
  • On MASCHINE STUDIO, the Playhead “Follow” button has been moved to NAVIGATE page.
  • The behavior of the “Follow” option on the MASCHINE STUDIO Step Mode has been changed to become a “Pad Follow” and is decoupled from global Playhead Follow. Furthermore, SHIFT is no longer used to access ALL, NONE, UP, and DOWN--these are now accessed through the EVENTS screen.
  • Aux sends have a new default of -∞ (minus infinity); previously the default was 0dB (unity).
  • "Quick" setting for Pattern Grid removed from the software interface; the feature is now only on the hardware controllers.
  • “Pattern Grid” renamed to “Arrange Grid” and moved to the area below the Group List in the software interface.
  • Swapped positions of the Timeline and Scene header.
  • Log files have been moved to "/Users//Library/Logs/Native Instruments/" on OS X and "\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\Native Instruments\" on Windows.

Fixed Issues:

  • On "Solo" and "Mute" Page --> Audio Layer "All" and "None" Didn't Update The HW Screens.
  • KONTAKT Snapshots which were created on OSX could not be opened on a Windows System.
  • Pattern rename area would get decoupled from the Pattern graphic when scrolling from HW.
  • It was not possible to right-click delete events when length handle was displayed at certain zoom levels.
  • Playhead Follow will now be automatically disabled if you’re selecting or editing notes at the moment that MASCHINE would normally scroll the view to follow the Playhead.
  • The Group MIDI Input didn’t keep the same function even if it showed the correct setting (i.e the USB controller) after the same project was re-opened.
  • MASCHINE STUDIO: When Quick Browse was opened from hardware, the Library tab couldn’t be changed from software.
  • Moving the Bank knob changed status of "Prev" and "Next" screen buttons.
  • New process would be added by opening another project via Windows Explorer.
  • Glitches occurred when placing cursor beyond Scene length in the Pattern Editor.
  • The "+" Slot was not shown on other Sounds when being on the first page of a multi-page Plug-in chain.
  • In the Sampling edit tab, the Wave Scroll would reset to 0.0% on HW display when touching the Wave Zoom knob.
  • Hardware changes to Group settings only affected the first 16 Groups in a multi-selection of over 16 Groups.
  • Deleting content from the Factory Sound tab of the Browser was possible.
  • Pattern Editor playhead did not run correctly when looping multiple Scenes that contain the same Pattern.
  • Sync Offset Slave was inconsistent after stopping/starting transport in MASCHINE or relaunching the software.
  • Fixed an issue where installing KONTAKT NKS Instruments with multiple relevance blocks via drag-and-drop to the Native Browser would fail.
  • Second parameter page in KPI view did not get updated after switching internal plugin mode.
  • On new groups, a sound’s base key change is not applied until changing sound/group focus.
  • On the software GUI, dragging a note event to the right sometimes starts scrolling in the wrong direction.
  • MASCHINE would crash during Pattern Audio Export if the temp folder in use is write protected.
  • Sampler Slice mode did not correctly handle WAV files with loop markers.
  • When running as a plug-in in Logic, the first note of a Scene was sometimes not triggered when the Scene is selected via MIDI.
  • Control (Modulation) lane was not fully visible when running as a plug-in in Ableton.
  • In plug-in mode, the Preferences window contained a redundant entry.
  • As a plug-in, MASCHINE could absorb a MIDI note from the host resulting in a non-played note.
  • Fixed an issue where, when running MASCHINE as a plug-in, automated parameters weren’t displayed correctly when viewed in the host.
  • Recording samples does not work if attempting to record to an external drive that has been removed—MASCHINE now displays a warning in this instance.
  • In certain situations, it was possible to create hanging notes when using "16 Velocities" mode on the hardware pads.
  • In the Step Sequencer, Step Modulation Division was always 1/16 when recorded from hardware even with Step Grid set to “off” in the software.
  • Slicing a REX file to a different number of slices didn’t work.
  • When running MASCHINE as a plug-in in Ableton Live, opening the MASCHINE GUI would sometimes disable Live’s Automation for MASCHINE, thus requiring the user to click the “Return to Arrangement” button.
  • When using a Drumsynth Kick with engine set to “Snappy”, the range of values for the Tune parameter do not match between the HW and the SW instrument view.
  • The Drumsynth Kick Tune knob would sometimes increment at a different rate after reloading a project.
  • Drumsynth Shaker Performer was not triggering if event is at the beginning of a Pattern and Swing is applied to the Sound.
  • Unnecessary error when renaming a sample with its original name.
  • Macro names would go missing on the first page after reloading a project.
  • Duplicate detection for notes which go to host and come back from host didn’t work properly in the MIDI Thru setup.
  • When changes were made to Plug-in folders in the Preferences (add/remove), the re-scan was not triggered after closing the Preferences window.
  • Changing from an empty factory Kit to a Kit with content while playing had undesirable audible artifacts.
  • In certain cases, products were still visible in the Browser product list after being uninstalled.
  • On MASCHINE STUDIO, the Step Sequencer lost focus and froze if the page being viewed/edited was removed.
  • Tags (Types/Modes) were not reset when filtering by a new Category or Vendor.
  • Inserting patterns did not create a new bank if there were less than 16 patterns in the current bank.
  • A MIDI-controlled parameter in MASCHINE which is also mapped to the host for automation would not update the value in the host when adjusting the parameter via the MIDI control.
  • In a certain case, MASCHINE crashed when switching between Plug-in and Arranger view via the TAB key.
  • The Browser Splitter Bar was not resizing correctly when lots of tags were in view.
  • When sending MIDI Clock to external devices, MASCHINE would not send a MIDI Start message upon starting its transport.

Known Issues:

  • When MASCHINE 2.4.5 is hosted as a plug-in, it is not be possible to load items from the Browser Results List using ENTER on the computer keyboard.
  • MASCHINE 2.4.5 and KOMPLETE KONTROL 1.6 focus-follow features do not support combined 32bit/64bit plug-ins in a session. Both MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL plug-in instances must be 64bit for the focus-follow features to work correctly.
  • The MASCHINE 2.4.5 Manual Addendum is installed in English only. Translations can be found on the MASCHINE product pages on the NI website.
  • REAKTOR window cannot be resized if MASCHINE is being used in a dual screen setup where the primary window is larger than the secondary window.
  • Crashes are possible when loading Sonar projects containing MASCHINE instances.
  • MASCHINE hardware devices cannot be used at the same time as Avid Core Audio devices.
  • REPLIKA can no longer be embedded visually in the MASCHINE plug-in strip.
  • MASCHINE cannot be installed on case-sensitive file systems.


Go to NI Service Center to update Maschine.

Watch / Learn Maschine here.


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