Manual Side-Chaining in Ableton Live and Logic Pro

You may have already discovered how to sidechain in Ableton Live & Logic Pro, so what next? Manual side-chaining can add more as Gary Hiebner demonstrates.  

I'm sure you have all read a few articles on how to go about creating side-chaining effects. You can get some great results, but what is more interesting is when you create these side-chains edits manually. This way you have more control over the effect, but it does require a bit more work. I find that more interesting results can be had with this technique. I will take you through the steps on how to achieve this in Logic and Ableton, but the same principles can be applied in other DAWs as well.

Step 1 '" Creating Manual Side-Chaining in Logic

I have written a simple drum loop using Ultrabeat. This is what the loop sounds like:

And here is the MIDI note pattern of the beat.

MIDI Pattern

Next, I am going to create a new instance of the ES2 Instrument. I have called up the '

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