Manipulate Audio With This Ableton Max for Live Device for FREE

It's time to manipulate your audio in weird and wonderful ways in Ableton Live thanks to Isotonik Studios who are giving away MicroChaosDelay Max for Live device for FREE.  

As part of a double bill of freebies today, Isotonik Studios have unleashed a rather tasty Max for Live device, MicroChaosDelay by Art Frequencies, on the world for FREE! Yes, free as in lunch.

It reminds me of a free plugin called Forester from LeafCutterJohn many moons ago that was able to instantly transform the audio source in weird and wonderful ways... but MicroChaosDelay is something that'll fit right into your Ableton Live workflow.

You'll have already no doubt seen their excellent DekobokoFXLite & DekobokoFXProdevices, MicroChaosDelay builds on this pedigree which in their own words is "Tiny, Funny and Forever Free".

You can watch the walkthrough video on the page and jump right in manipulating audio with the X/Y pad control within the device!

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