Manifest Audio Releases Toolkit for Ableton Live With Workflow & Creativity In Mind

Enhanced creativity, improved workflow. That's what Manifest Audio's Toolkit 003 is designed to give Ableton Live producers with its collection of audio and MIDI effects, generative devices and more.  

The latest Toolkit for Ableton Live users from Manifest Audio, Live Toolkit 003, brings a whole lot of cool things to the table.

Designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred to enhance your creativity and accelerate your workflow, Live Toolkit 003 is comprised of 36 Audio and MIDI Effect Racks for Ableton Live 10.1.x and higher. From generative arpeggiators to heavily modulated time-based effects, diatonic resonators and unique stereo filtration, Live Toolkit 003 is fully optimized for Push – and custom built for inspiration.

Here's what's included in the pack:

2 Creative Distortion Racks

  • Analog-Digital Degrader
  • Tube Driver

3 Channel Strip Racks

  • Channel Strip 2020
  • Drum Strip 2020
  • Vintage Channel Strip

4 Crystallizer-style Delay Racks

  • Crystal Dubs
  • Crystal Trills
  • Multicrystal Dubs
  • Multicrystal Trills

4 Creative Filter Racks

  • Dual Filter
  • Morph Wobble Filter
  • Multimotion Filter
  • Triple Filter

6 Unique Stereo Filter Racks

  • Dual Mid-Side Filter
  • Dual Stereo Filter
  • Multitilt Filter
  • Skew Filter
  • Spread Filter
  • Tilt Filter

5 Creative Reverb Racks

  • Metamodverb
  • Multimodverb
  • Rippleverb
  • Trill Cloud
  • Wobbleverb

2 Multiband Container Racks

  • Multiband Mid-Side Divider
  • Multiband Stereo Divider

3 Multiband Enhancer Racks

  • Multiband Stereo Driver
  • Multiband Stereo Enhancer
  • Multiband Widener

3 Tuned Resonator-based Racks (with 54 chords and voicings to choose from)

  • Multiresochord
  • Multiresodubs
  • Multiresoverb

2 Creative Modulation Effect Racks

  • Multiringer
  • Multishifter

2 Generative MIDI Effect Racks

  • Note Composer
  • Note Expresser

MFA are also offering a new bundle, including the brand new Toolkit along with their previous two toolkits for Ableton Live:








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