Make Your Vocals Shine With Tips From Our Live Logic Pro X Masterclass

Join this live online Masterclass with Josh Carney to get all the tips, tricks and advice you need to take your vocal tracks in Logic Pro X to the next level.  

Every producer knows that well-produced vocals can lift a track from being good to being great. But vocal production is a whole skill set in itself, from recording through editing, processing and mixing. So how can you become an expert vocal producer in Logic Pro X? With this live MasterClass!

Logic Pro Vocal Producer Masterclass

In this realtime online class, producer and trainer Josh Carney shows you the power of Logic Pro X’s vocals tools and how to make your vocals come alive. You’ll learn how to use Flex Pitch to creatively alter the pitch of vocals, tune, harmonize and process using all of Logic’s built in effects. And like all our Masterclasses, you can ask questions as you go, getting answers on the subjects that you need to know.

Upon completing this masterclass you get an Official Logic Pro Vocal Producer Certificate and a virtual toolbox of powerful vocal tips and tricks that will help all your future productions hit new heights.

This class takes place on November 6th and costs just $29. You can enrol now by clicking this link, and claim your place today:

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