Make Your Own Hardware Analog Emulation Synth From $23

Fancy a 6-voice virtual analog synthesiser DIY project starting at just over $20 for the microcontroller? This Nucleo Synth project should appeal.  

Not everyone can afford a much desired Moog analog synthesizer. For those that would like that analog experience and are prepared to go the DIY route, the parts can often set back a maker many hundreds of dollars or pounds. Which is why this new project from pappas.chris caught our budget conscious eye. Imagine being able to create a 6-voice virtual analog hardware synthesizer starting at just $23 for the microcontroller board of the Nucleo Synth.

The STM32F7 microcontroller is at the center of this 6-voice virtual analog synthesizer. All you need on the hardware side if the STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board, one stereo audio jack, and a USB-OTG to USB-A adapter.

This synthesizer should be fairly straightforward to program too. 

STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board

STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board

Here's a demo of the synth in action from the creator of Nucleo:

Nucleo Synthesizer Features

  • 6-voices of polyphony.
  • Dual oscillator per voice.
  • VCA (with ADSR) per voice.
  • VCF (4-pole lowpass with ADSR) per voice.
  • Master tuning.
  • Waveform select saw/saw, saw/square, or square/square.
  • Oscillator mix.
  • De-tune.
  • Separate LFO for Modulation and PWM.
  • Scale for upper oscillators.
  • PW/PWM on the square wave.
  • Separate adjustable keyboard follow for ENV and VCF.
  • Keyboard velocity routable to VCA and VCF.
  • VCF envelope level.
  • Editable parameters.
  • Stereo simulation effect.
  • Patch Load.
  • Patch Save (Host only) 

Features Coming Soon...

  • Oscillator hard-sync.
  • Separate LFO for VCF/VCA.
  • Triangle waveform
  • Noise waveform 

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New link to project
Here is an updated link for the project on the new STM website.

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