Make Inspiring Arpeggiated Bass Parts In Free U-He Podolski Synth

Free doesn't have to mean basic, and this quick video shows you how to make a cool synth bass pattern in just a couple of minutes.  

Everybody loves free stuff, so what could be better than a guide to using some cool free synths? In this 3 minute video from the full course Audio Plugins 101: 10 FREE Synths That You Can't Live Without, synth expert G.W Childs IV unlocks the secrets of programming the completely free U-He Podolski instrument. Starting with a basic sound, G.W activates the arpeggiator and takes you through how to set the various pitch and osc controls to make things sound interesting. 

You'll learn how to quickly tweak the arpeggiator to add and remove steps, change notes as well as gate and measure settings to make your own unique patterns. Finally some filter modulation is added to bring some bite to the sound, giving an authentic and really useable pattern in just a couple of minutes. Check out the other videos in the course for more valuable information on this and other great free synths! 

Watch the entire course Audio Plugins 101 - Free Synths by G.W Childs IV in the AskAudio Academy. 

Audio Plugins 101 - 10 FREE Synths (That You Can't Live Without)

Ever "hear" of these soft synths?:

  •  Synth 1
  • Poldolski
  • Free Alpha
  • Helm
  • Micro Prism
  • Tyrell N6
  • Kairatune
  • Noisemaker
  • OBXD
  • Locomotion

We'll neither did we until synth expert G.W. Childs proposed this course. As it turns out, these FREE, renegade synths are the real deal! In fact, they're pretty darn inspiring! See how these creative, outside-the-box synths work, what they can do, and how you can fuse them into your musical world. We're pretty confident that once you see them in-action, you'll be downloading them right away!

So sit back. Dig in. TURN UP THE VOLUME and imagine how these synths can enhance your next production or live set.

Watch the entire course Audio Plugins 101 - Free Synths by G.W Childs IV in the AskAudio Academy. 


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