Make Elektron's RYTM Drum Machine Unique By Importing Your Own Samples

It's not a conventional sampler, but this video shows you how to import and use any samples from your own collection to use as part of your kits and beats in RYTM.  

Elektron's RYTM is a powerful drum machine that uses a hybrid of analog and digital technology to produce some fearsome beats. In this short video from the course Elektron 106: RYTM: Perform and Produce, expert producer Thavius Beck explains how to use your own samples inside RYTM, bringing a whole new dimension to audio creation and manipulation. 

As well as one-shot samples you can bring in whole loops, setting start and end points, use vocals, sound effects and more to create beats and patterns that are more complex than you could achieve using only regular kits. You'll see how to use Elektron's special software tool to import samples and use them as the basis of your beats, with Thavius demonstrating the import of various different kinds of samples. Be sure to check out the rest of the course for a comprehensive tour of this powerful instrument!

Watch the full course Elektron 106: RYTM: Perform and Produce in the AskAudio Academy here

Elektron 106: RYTM: Perform and Produce

A true hybrid analog/digital drum machine, Elektron’s Analog RYTM gives you the best of both worlds. And thanks to its infamous step sequencer, this powerful groovebox can shine both on stage and in the studio. In this comprehensive course, Elektron expert Thavius Beck reveals how to get the most out of this versatile beat-making machine!

Thavius starts the course by deconstructing and analyzing the preset kits that come with RYTM. After exploring all the different synth engines available, and explaining how to import samples, Thavius dives deep into pattern creation. Starting from scratch with a blank kit and project, he reveals workflow techniques that will turn you into a RYTM master. You learn everything you need to conquer Elektron’s ultimate beat box: step sequencing, P-Locks, Slides, Conditional Locks, Direct Jumps ... And you also discover plenty of performance and synthesis tips & tricks along the way!

So sit back and join producer and trainer Thavius Beck in this 2.5-hour + journey, and get ready to become a RYTM expert.  

Watch the full course Elektron 106: RYTM: Perform and Produce in the AskAudio Academy here

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