Make Complex Beats With Euclid Rhythm Generator In Reason

Hook Robotic Bean's CV generator module up to multiple drum machines and synths to create some cool patterns with minimal effort. Mo Volans shows you how it's done.  

Euclid Rhythm Generator is a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason that uses Euclid’s Algorithm to generate natural-sounding rhythmical patterns. You can use it to trigger anything that has a gate input: Drums, synths or even external instruments. It’s dead simple to use — Just hook it up and start tweaking the knobs! The interactive graphical display visualizes every change you make to your pattern in real-time, and Euclid always stays in time with the music. Euclid also comes with plenty of inspiring patches for you to use as starting points. In this short video from the course Reason Rack Extensions 102: Synthetic Rig V4 Explored, watch Mo Volans put it to work!

Reason Rack Extensions 102: Synthetic Rig V4 Explored

Mo begins by explaining how to hook up the Euclid unit to other instruments so that it can trigger sounds. Using the example of a Kong Drum Designer, he shows you how to use gate CV connections to route signal between the two, then dial in settings to get things moving. Turning to a second instance of Euclid, he programs in a different pattern for the hi hats, adding shuffle for a more humanized feel. Later, Mo demonstrates more complex patches that use multiple instances linked to several different instruments to create advanced sequences.

This is just one of the new Rack Extensions included in the Synthetic Rig V4 collection - check out the complete course featuring 66 videos, using the limks below, to get a complete and comprehensive guide to each and every one of them.

Watch the course Reason Rack Extensions 102: Synthetic Rig V4 Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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