Make Better Beats in Propellerhead Reason

Reason Drum Kits is an excellent set of meticulously sampled kits that can really bring an authentic feel to your Reason tracks. Here, Hollin Jones gives you a hands-on demo.  

Reason Drum Kits is a great collection of carefully sampled real acoustic drum kits covering a range of styles, all in a Reason-friendly format so they can be easily played from your MIDI keyboard or any other input device. In this short video from the course Reason Rack Extensions 101: Backline Rig V2 Explored, Hollin Jones gets hands-on with it to show you just how good it sounds - it's like having real drums in your productions. 

Available as part of the Backline Rig bundle for a hefty discount or separately from Propellerheads' online store, this ReFill is relatively small in size and kind to your CPU but offers both immediate gratification and extensive tweakability to let you get the most out of tailoring the drum kits to suit your tracks. Be sure to check out the other videos in this course, which cover the rest of the instruments and sounds in the Backline Rig V2 collection and show you how they can be used to create a whole track from start to finish. 

Watch the course Reason Rack Extensions 101: Backline Rig V2 Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo 

Reason Rack Extensions 101: Backline Rig V2 Explored

This course with –16 new tutorials– takes you through every Rack Extension in the Backline Rig V2 bundle. It explains what these REs are, how they work and how they’re used in creating a “live” R&B-based track. By watching this course, you learn all about these amazing REs while, at the same time, seeing them in action as music producer and Reason expert Hollin Jones builds an R&B-influenced Reason track. Bundled along with the 32 tutorials, you also get Hollin’s Reason project file and an MP3 of the completed track.

This 45-tutorial course explains and explores the following Rack Extensions and ReFills:

A-List Acoustic Guitarist
A-List Power Chords Electric Guitarist
Cerberus Bass Amp
Chenile Chorus Ensemble
Combo Compact Organ
DC-9 Overdrive
Kuassa Vermilion Guitar Amp
Radical Keys
Radical Piano
Republik Handheld Percussion
Reason Drum Kits
Reason Electric Bass
Ryan Greene Alt Drums Vol I
Softube Spring Reverb
Softube Tube Delay
Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser
The Art Of Brushes Vol 3
Zampled Euphonic Strings

As you complete this Backline Rig course, you become familiar with R&B production and the collection of tools that comprise this cost-effective RE/ReFill bundle created by the Reason team at Propellerhead.

Watch the course Reason Rack Extensions 101: Backline Rig V2 Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

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