Major Teaser: Skram for iOS Coming Soon, Linked to Liine?

What's this? WTF? A new iOS music app from Liine called Skram? We've got the teaser/scoop on this, as yet, unreleased app designed for electronic musicians to make amazing sounds, riffs and grooves...  

Sometimes you know things but are not really at liberty to say much until the official release. It's the way of the music industry world... In this case we know very little, but are going to reference what some people have been saying on an online forum to ruminate over what this upcoming Skram app (coming very, very, soon btw) is, and what it'll be able to do.

This 10 second video teaser, appropriately titled, "WTF" below will either fry your brain, or get you excited... or both. Either way you might end up being none the wiser on what Skram is:


Over on the AudioBus forums, some users have been playing the guessing game to figure out what Skram is. Needless to say, with such a short video, there's not a huge amount of speculation. But, eross suggests Skram is from the makers of Lemur (Liine). It seems that Skram has been released early on the New Zealand iOS App Store here... 1P18 suggests it could be a Reaktor type of app for iOS... The official, albeit brief, blurb on the App tells us:

"Skram lets you make real electronic music in any genre - no experience or additional gear required. Create amazing sounds, riffs and grooves and record the result.

FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME - Skram is free and available only in NZ for you to try. We hope you like it!"

Now, we fully expect that when Skram is released it will be a paid for app and Liine have confirmed this. We should find out very soon what the app price will be...

So, if you've been waiting for something new for Liine and live in New Zealand, you're in luck and should take advantage of the preview and grab it while it's FREE! If you're not a resident of New Zealand, don't worry. We've been assured it's coming to us all very, very, very soon... Stay tuned to Ask.Audio. We'll let you know as soon as we know :)


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