macProVideo Release Education Plugin for Logic Pro X

Video training just took a revolutionary step forward thanks to the pioneering minds at! They've just released the world's first Tutorial Player Plugin for Logic Pro X. announces the release of an educational DSP plugin designed to help audio producers learn software and music production skills, directly inside of Logic Pro X. This new plugin, called the macProVideo Player, is a 64-bit Audio Units plugin designed specifically for Logic Pro X and other 64-bit Audio DAWs. 

Learning Logic Pro X INSIDE Logic Pro X - how cool!

Learning Logic Pro X INSIDE Logic Pro X - how cool!

This new plugin can be inserted into any channel strip in Logic Pro X. Once enabled, the plugin provides direct access to a full curriculum of courseware created exclusively by macProVideo to help users learn fundamental skills in audio production, including recording, mixing, mastering, and using the instruments and DSP effects in Logic Pro.

According to Founder and CEO, Martin Sitter, "More than just an education company, macProVideo is also a technology company that innovates. We don't just teach technology, we practice technology, seriously. With our new Logic Pro X plugin, we're taking audio education to the place where you make music - your DAW."

The macProVideo Player plugin for Logic Pro X provides access to the company's extensive library of audio software and workflow skills courses. Users can follow along as professional instructors demonstrate how to use Logic Pro in production studio environments. Because the plugin inserts into any track in Logic Pro X, there's no need to open a web browser to launch the company's website before finding tutorials of interest. The result is quicker learning, directly inside the Logic Pro X software itself.

In addition to their ever-expanding library of Logic Pro X courses, the new plugin also provides fast access to macProVideo's full online courseware library, including over 25,000 tutorials for Native Instruments, Moog, Maschine, Akai, iZotope, Autotune, Waves, Rob Papen, and dozens of other audio synth, plugin, and software applications.

The experience looks and feels great directly inside your favorite DAW! (Logic Pro X!)

The experience looks and feels great directly inside your favorite DAW! (Logic Pro X!)

The new plugin is available for free directly from the company's website. Over 2,000 tutorials are available upon installing, or users can upgrade to an all-access Library Pass and more than 1,500 hours of exclusive courseware for just $25 per month.

Some macProVideo software facts:

  • The N.E.D.i Tutorial Player App (RIP) was one of the first 500 apps released for iOS when the iTunes App Store was opened to developers.
  • The macProVideo Player App (N.E.D.i's big brother) was the first Universal Tutorial-Video App for iPad. 
  • macProVideo created the world's first Educational App Publishing System (, and has published over 1,500 Educational Apps to iOS, Mac Os, Android, and Windows 8.

Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


Just used this in Logic X. So good! It totally eliminates the issue of switching between windows while trying to practically follow along.
This is a wonderful idea that has never occured to me. But I now realize how much more practical it is to have the educational material in the right place. Before I have used more than one computer, or an iPad, to be more practical. But this is way better.
Hi what are the system requirements for this plugin, regarding OS, and Logix X version. I have a mackintosh OSX 10.7.4 running Logic X with little to no issue (the plist minimum version has been altered), but this plugin fails the AU manager, says cannot Open the plugin component. The Component file resides in the correct place. Maybe I have to upgrade to 10.8 before using this.
Great idea, and great plugin spares the computer resources of a web browser when working/learning the DAW,
Hi LargerLife,

I believe the latest version of OS X 10.8.x is required.

We'd recommend the latest version of logic too:
Logic 10.0.1 which is fully 64-bit compatible.

(the plug-in doesn't work with Logic 9 or previous versions).

Hope this helps :)
This is a great idea and it works perfectly! Thanks!
Well I have some questions and I'm not totally into this yet.
1) Using it as plug in, means using CPU from my Mac when I need it to my music making plug ins.
2) If it was a stand alone, wouldn't the CPU be better balanced as it would be running outside Logic ?
3) Does this thing work with the downloaded tutorials too ? I still rather buy just what I want than have it all on monthly pass
4) When you say RIP on iOS, does that mean that I can't access my tutorials anymore on iPad ?

Hi Yore, I'll do my best to answer your questions:
1) It does... but rather than have Safari to watch the online videos while working in Logic, this loads only the video player into the plugin.
Also, you can bypass or remove the plugin from the channels strip anytime you wish!

2) Sure. If you want to run the web player in Safari then you can :)
In my tests I haven't noticed extra resources being used when watching videos inside Logic.

3) No, this is the online web player. However, if you've purchased a download tutorial you actually can access that course through the online web player :) - so you can still use it!

4) No. We publish as many tutorials as apps for iOS as we can. You can also download the free macProVideo or AskVideo app for iOS which gives you the ability to stream and download tutorials to your iOS device. (NEDi was the old version of the app... hence it is RIP).

Hope this helps & do download the plugin (free) and try it out :)

Tried it, tested it, love it. Well done guys, very good concept. Looking forward to some tutorials that run along with the plugin.
Hi Leroy4bz,

Thanks!! Really glad you enjoy it :)

We've got a couple of new Logic X courses released a few days back you might like:

Perfect for the new plugin player.

G.F. Big
Is there any way to set it so I only see my own downloads? As is, If not, it takes up more time just trying to find my tutorials than it would if I just loaded N.E.D.


Will this new plugin be available for ableton live 9?
Thank-you ! This is perfect for the way iam teaching students.
Thank-you.! This is perfect for the way iam teaching students.
Hi Julian! Not this version... but we're working on a version that'll support all DAWs...

@ivy - thanks! We think this is the next big thing in music & audio education!

Thanks for developing this !
Suuport for all DAWS, including 32-bit and OSX 10.6.x would be awesome, too ! ! !
Christian L
Yes G.F.,

You can find all your purchased tutorials under Account > Purchased Courses

(in the top right-hand corner of the plug-in)

Cheers! :)
Wow this is HUGE!!!
Is it possible to resize the player window? using logic pro x on a 15in retina mbp and it practically fills the main window
I often use allavsoft to download Videos from macProVideo to MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV.

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