LTC-1 is a Free Lemur & M4L Mixer Touch Controller for Ableton Live

If you're looking for a free iPad touch mixer for Ableton Live which includes a Lemur template and Max for Live device and is FREE, then DSRT Sound's LTC-1 is for you.  

The LTC-1 is a touch based mixer focused on controlling up to 16 tracks inside Ableton Live. The interface offers a flexible and intuitive way for adjusting volume, pan and sends 1-4 along with the ability to mute, arm and solo a selected track. The LTC-1 provides two views, single and multitrack, giving you the right level of control for the situation. LTC-1 is made to work either alongside a hardware grid controller for working in session view or standalone for arrangement view. Whether used on its own or with other hardware, LTC-1 brings the focus less on the computer screen and more on creating music.

LTC-1 on iPad

LTC-1 on iPad


  • Controls for volume, pan, sends 1-4, track enable, solo, and arm for up to 16 tracks in Ableton Live
  • Select tracks directly with one of the 16 large track select buttons or incrementally with the track forward/back buttons
  • Bi-directional communication via OSC keeps the touch interface constantly updated, even after adding or deleting tracks
  • Two views let you choose between either a detailed single track view or multitrack mixer
  • Complete transport controls for both session and arrangement view and an hr:min:sec time display
  • Additional controls for quantize, tempo, draw/view commands along with buttons for adding, deleting and duplicating tracks in Live

LTC-1 Max for Live device.

LTC-1 Max for Live device.

Technical Info:

The LTC-1 download includes a Lemur template and Max for Live device. The Lemur template communicates with Ableton Live via the Max for Live device which is placed on the master track inside a Live project. The network IP and Port settings can be entered directly in the LTC-1 M4L device UI and saved with the device or Live project for future use. Finally, a connection indicator on the LTC-1 Max for Live device lights up green once bi-directional communication is established between the computer running Live and the tablet running the Lemur app.


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