Loop Recording: Managing Takes and Playlists in Pro Tools 10

Following on from the loop recording options article, Mike Watkinson explores how to manage takes and multiple playlists in Pro Tools 10. Read on for a bundle of tips and shortcuts!  

In a previous article on the loop recording options in Pro Tools 10 we discussed how to record multiple takes to the same playlist, and then how to record each successive take to a new playlist. In this article we shall look more closely at the management of takes you have captured on a single playlist, and also how to manage multiple playlists and use them for editing composite takes. 

One Playlist, Multiple Takes

When multiple takes are captured to the same playlist, either by loop recording or recording multiple passes, the most recent take is the one that is displayed and therefore played back. Unlike some other DAWs, in Pro Tools if you move that clip aside the other takes are not '

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