Logic Tutorial: Lyric Entry in Logic Pro's Score Editor

Whether you're preparing a lead sheet or a multi-part chorale, Logic's Score editor provides a specialized kind of text entry specifically designed for adding lyrics. Key features of lyric entry in ..  

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Gary Hiebner
Great post. Very handy. Thanks
Really appreciated, many thanx.
Adam Glasser
A completely essential and excellent article which will be of great use to many many different kinds of musicians.

Please do a whole series of these
Although I've been looking all over for the one bit in your article: "key command...Align Object Positions Vertically"

I could follow until that - what is it, where is it? Couldn't work it out.
Sorry, I get it. I have to go "Key Commands" and enable a not-yet-allocated command called "Align Object Positions Vertically"
Probably a stupid question, but I how do I put my score into Linear View - I can only get one track at a time to display. Can't find a mention of Linear View in the user manual either.


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