Ultrabeat is a drum synth and sample player that comes bundled with Logic Express and Logic Pro 9. It comes with it's very own Step Sequencer which enables you to create patterns for each and every  

Ultrabeat能是一个鼓合成器和采样播放器,带有Logic Express可与Logic Pro 9捆绑。它带有它自己的步进音序器,它使您能够创建它的25个声音(如声音)的每一个模式。每个音色可以样品或调整了自己(当然包括许多预设之一的基础)的一种人工合成的声音。


警告:一旦你知道如何做到这一点,你的鼓模式,将永远不会一样了 ... ...



单击并按住顶端的I / O插槽,并从菜单中选择 Ultrabeat能






单击Word (输出区)为语音,并从下拉到自己的输出分配给您所选择的声音(S)“菜单。





点击 Ultrabeat能通道条底部的按钮。这将创建一个辅助通道设置您在Ultrabeat能创建输出输入。许多辅助渠道。



你可能想在这一点上播放Ultrabeat能模式,并开始插入到不同的辅助渠道的影响。它的一个好主意,通过双击每个AUX通道上的名字命名。此外,每个AUX通道,您可以调整水平,平衡,独奏,静音,路线,进一步输出,添加神秘和奇妙的作用... ...现在的世界是您的Ultrabeat能牡蛎!


Interested in learning more about Ultrabeat and unleashing the drummer inside? These tutorials will help you to become proficient whether you are starting out or looking for advanced tips, tricks and techniques! We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think by writing a comment below!

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Great tip - so easy!

Thanks Chas.
Glad you found it useful :)
Dominic Everson

I've got Logic Express 9.0 on my MacBook Pro. It's going ok, but I'm a bit stuck on one thing. I think it must be something really simple but I can't find the answer on the net anywhere.

I have made patterns in ultrabeat then dragged them to the arrange window. I would like to then re open that same pattern in ultrabeat and change it slightly still using the same kit and on the same channel. After editing or creating other tracks, when I re open ultrabeat on say the Latino kit that I used, my pattern that I created doesn't come up in ultrbeat. When I play the pattern, I can see the blue keys on the side lighting up and I can see the beats in the piano roll. How can I see these in ultrabeat where the blue lights keep flashing?

Rounik Sethi
Hi Dominic,

Once you've dragged a pattern from Ultrabeat to Logic's Arrange area you can't edit it in Ultrabeat's Step Sequencer. It's a shame... if Ultrabeat supported 'MIDI region import', I'd be so happy!! But as it is, once the region is in the Arrange the best you can do is edit it in the Piano Roll or the Hyper Editor (which once understood is a very powerful drum editor indeed!) Have you checked out Steve H's Ultrabeat Unleashed tutorial? It's the definitive place to go to learn about Ultrabeat IMHO.
Pop by the macprovideo forums also if you need any more help.

Dominic Everson
Thanks for getting back to me so quick! It does seem odd that you can't edit it where you create it. I thought that would be obvious. Nevermind! I'll check the link.
Thanks again,
Hey Dominic,

Well, you can edit it in Ultrabeat's Step Sequencer - but think of Ultrabeat as a separate plugin outside of Logic's MIDI Editors. Once you bring it into the Arrange area then it's out of Ultrabeat's hands...

Still I completely agree, being able to import MIDI regions into Ultrabeat seems like a no-brainer. Hopefully that'll happen in a future Logic update or version!
Hi! Thanks for this tip. I am actually trying to get another instrument to work (Aria Player by Garritan) and was not able to get the panning separately for each orchestral instrument in the instance.Now it does. However, to be able to work with each orchestral instrument in an instance,I have to open that instance and select it first. Before it was enough just to select the track in the arrange window. Is there a simpler way to do this?
Hi Andreas,

Not too familiar with Garritan Aria Player. How do you have each sound from it routed in Logic? are there 8 stereo outputs from Aria begin routed to their own Aux channels for example?

If so, then you can adjust the balance/pan on those Aux channels in the Mixer.
Hi Rounik,
basically my problem is that I don't hear my other loaded instruments in my Aria player, the plugin instrument. How and where do I select the instrument that I want to record in? I only hear my first loaded instrument that is in the first slot in the instance, channel 1.
Hi Andreas,

Have you inserted the Aria player on a normal Software Instrument track? This could be the problem.

Try creating a new Software Instrument track from Track > New...

This time, make sure the "Multi-timbral" option is checked.

Choose Number: 8 (for 8 stereo sounds from the Aria).

Now you'll find that 8 tracks are created in the Arrange. Each one with it's own MIDI Channels (1-8). However, they all use the same Instrument (Aria) but selecting 2nd track will playback the "2" sound from Aria, etc.

Hope this helps
Yes, this works, but with this setup I cannot change the panning for every track, the whole Instrument follows the same panning.
Hi Andreas, there's two ways around this issue in Logic.

1. (as in this tutorial with Ultrabat) you need to assign the sounds / channels within Aria to an output - and then create Aux channels and use those to control and mix the different elements from the Aria player.

2. There is a method Steve H show cased in his Logic TNT2 tutorial... that uses the Environment - Once you set it up it's very cool... It's videos 18-25 in this tutorial here if you're interested:

Hope this helps

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