Logic Pro X: Understanding Signal Flow Is Key To Great Audio Recordings

Understanding the fundamentals of how digital audio recording works is the first step to making great recordings in Logic Pro X. Booker Edwards Jr is here to show you how it's done.  

When it comes to getting great recordings with any setup, it's important to understand signal flow and how your audio is getting from your mic or instrument via your mixer or interface and into your software. And like all DAWs, Logic Pro has its own way of doing things. In this short video from the course Logic Pro X 102: Recording And Editing Audio, expert producer Booker Edwards Jr explains exactly how audio signal flows into Logic and how to set it up for the best possible recording results.

Logic Pro X 102: Recording And Editing Audio

Booker begins by getting to the heart of how recording works, explaining the various components of a recording system from interface and inputs through to Logic's input and output setup and the audio files folder where it will store your recordings. He then demonstrates a live recording of an external instrument - in this case an AKAI MPC unit - and shows how the audio travels from the hardware through to the software, appearing as an audio take complete with waveform display on your audio track. 

After this introduction to the fundamentals of recording comes much more in the full course about Logic's full arsenal of recording and editing tools - file formats, how to work with sample and bit rates, and a whole lot more besides. Check it out today for a complete guide to audio recording in Logic Pro X.

Watch the full course Logic Pro X 102: Recording And Editing Audio in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video.

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