Logic Pro X - How To Create Random Generated Music

Harness the power of Logic's Scripter plug-in to generate beats and melodies. But don't worry - no coding knowledge is required. Here's how it works.  

Logic Pro is one of the most powerful DAWs around and the first choice of many musicians and producers for practising their art. This new course Logic Pro X 303: All Star Tips 'N Tricks contains a wealth of insider tips, tricks and techniques from some of our leading Logic experts including Steve H, Olav Basoski and Josh Carney. In this short video from the course, Josh demonstrates his favourite technique for generating random music in Logic.

Logic Pro X 303: All Star Tips 'N Tricks

Josh uses Logic's Scripter plug-in but reassures you that you won't need to do any coding to make this work! By harnessing the power of MIDI, he shows you how to use the Drum Probability Sequencer in the Keys Pad plug-in to enter multiple values for how likely any given note is to sound. Moving on to the Random Offset Probability parameter, he is able to further control the way that musical notes are generated. You'll see that this technique, which you may not have been aware of, is actually an incredibly powerful way to generate not just beats but also melodic sequences and patterns. Be sure to check out the rest of the course for lots more insider Logic tips and tricks!

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Imran Anwar
It reminded me of the fun I had using an awesome program called 'M' on my Atari ST and Mega 4 ST as well as Macs in the early 1990s. Thanks/


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