Logic Pro X: Get Creative With Groups, Summing & Stacks

Logic Pro has powerful grouping tools that go far beyond simple submixing. In this video, David Earl explains VCA faders, Track Stacks and much more.  

Logic Pro is an awesome DAW but like any advanced software, its many capabilities mean you're continually learning more about how it works and what you can do with it. So what could be better than 10 top tips from a Logic expert? That's just what you get with this course - Logic Pro FastTrack 301: David Earl's 10 Top Logic Tips. In this short video taken from the course David investigates one of the key workflow techniques in Logic - grouping.

Logic Pro FastTrack 301: David Earl's 10 Top Logic Tips

David covers not just regular audio grouping and the use of Track Stacks but also VCA faders in Logic - faders that can control groups of other faders and are particularly useful for multichannel sources like multi-mic'ed drum kits. You'll see how to assign VCA faders to multiple destinations - not only for volume but also for solo, mute and many other parameters. You will also see how to use summing stacks, track stacks and their various options to creatively control and route multichannel instruments and other sources to improve your workflow.

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 301: David Earl's 10 Top Logic Tips in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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