Logic Pro X Creative Effects Returns'¨

You may already know how use an effects return in Logic, but using dynamic effects plug-ins in conjunction with returns can make your creative effects even more... creative!  

Most people using Logic Pro X will probably know how to create an effects return. Using a return to house a simple reverb or rely effect is pretty straight forward, the real fun happens when you start to make the whole thing a little more dynamic.

Step 1 - Our Original Sound

This trick works with pretty much any sound that benefits from a heavy dose of reverb but as that is more or less everything, let's narrow it down a bit. This will work extremely well with sustained performances that are organized into phrases. So a vocal part or guitar lead part that has obvious breaks. 

The original vocal phrase we'll be processing.

The original vocal phrase we'll be processing.

The untreated audio:

In this case we are using a vocal part that has a few distinct phrases and ends pretty abruptly. In the next step we'll apply a heavy reverb and then see how we can bring the whole thing under control without altering the reverb intensity or decay time. 

Step '

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Wicked awesome cool! Such simple things make the biggest difference. I've not side chained effects much before, but I think I'll have to start now. Reverb always ran me nuts. I think this trick will really help me tame it now. Thanks!

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