Logic Pro X 10.0.3: Another Fix

Hot off the heels of the second speedy update for Logic Pro X comes another. The Logic team sure are spending a lot of time tweaking and optimising Apple's flagship DAW.  

In case your notifications are turned off (gasp) or you've simply not noticed them, next time you launch the Mac App Store on your Mac you'll be able to download the latest update to Logic Pro X.

We're not talking new features here, but a very swiftly released update which fixes one issue specific to the 10.0.2 update and another niggling (though minor) MIDI region parameters error.

All in all, though there are still some bugs being talked about across the inter webs which haven't yet been addressed, the speed and frequency by which these updates are being released gives yours truly cause to believe the Logic team are on the case and going through the bug squashing routine as quickly as they can.

Here's the details from Apple on what's been fixed:

Logic Pro X 10.0.3 update

  • Addresses an issue introduced in Logic Pro 10.0.2 in which Logic Pro would quit unexpectedly when a multi-output instance of a Software Instrument plug-in was bypassed.
  • Fixes an issue in which default MIDI region parameters in songs created in earlier versions of Logic might be set to incorrect values when opened in Logic Pro X.

Download Logic Pro X:

Learn Logic Pro X:

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I looked at this to see if there were any Drummer changes. Not that I expect it to be any better but I recently viewed the Drummer tutorial and I noticed the drum kits in Drum Kit Designer had different kits available. Now there are more but some of the ones in the tutorial are gone.

sorry about my last comment but I found that if you load in a multi instance of Drummer then it does show those kits which include the Birch Kit, Classic Sixties Kit, Pawn Shop Kit and the others. It's fine not to submit these two comments as they are pending approval.

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